Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring has sprung and all of the sudden life is so.... BUSY

Life kicked into high gear this week.  Tom and I were like ships passing in the night - for the first three days of the week we only saw each other for about 45 minutes between the time that I came home from work and he left for his shift.  Then Thursday Jack, Tom and Noelle picked me up from work and we made the trek to Duluth for a fun packed afternoon at Tiki Tom's Waterpark.  Of course we stopped in Hinckley for lunch at Tobies (I think that is some sort of unwritten MN State law - if you are driving to Duluth, you must stop at Tobies).  I must say, my turkey avocado melt sammich was pretty darn good.

Aunt Noey is behind the camera!
Many moons ago Noelle and I stayed at the Edgewater in Duluth with Grandma & Grandpa.  It was one of several weekend trips we would take with them over the years.  Noelle and I distinctly remember this particular hotel because we found a fork in the sheets and later a turd in the pool.  Grandma was not pleased. Turns out that twenty years later, the hotel is much better!  These days the hotel is decked out in a cute Tiki theme and there is a nice indoor waterpark.

MOM!  I've got on my swimfruit!  Lets GO!

Jack says 'swimfruit' instead of swimsuit.  Cutest Thing Ever.  But anyways.  It took THREE adults to keep up with one toddler.  He was not afraid of anything.  After a few times down the waterslide with Daddy he was ready to go on his own, and he did, about 20 times in succession. (Don't worry, it was a kiddy slide with  one bend - he was only in the tunnel out of Mama's sight for 2 seconds - and I was waiting at the bottom!)  Tom and I even braved a long, tall water slide that we rode down together on a tube.  I screamed through the entire ride.  My favorite part was floating along the lazy river.  There were a few tears when it was time to get out of the water (not from me, hehe) , but they dried fast as we were onto our next adventure!

Tom has been coveting a margarita from Little Angies Cantina for years.  Every time we go there is some reason NOT to have one, but not this time!  I sat next to him, green with envy, as he savored every sip.  I am determined to head back this fall, without a kid and without a pregnancy, to enjoy one myself. (Hear that, grandma?)

But the BEST part of the weekend, the absolute BEST, was watching my sister experience A Full Day in the Life of Nina.  *evil giggle*  Having a 3 yr old interrupt your shower,  chasing him for 10 minutes to get him dressed, sleeping with a toddler, getting woken up at 1am when the same toddler starts yelling cock-a-doodle-doo and then takes FOREVER to fall back asleep, and finally.... listening to my husband snore All Night Long.

In the morning Noelle was quite clear when she indicated she Just Wanted To Get Home.  HA HA HA

We were back in Glencoe around 3pm, just in time to enjoy a sunny seventy degree afternoon.  We rode our bikes to the grocery store and made fantastic veggie/black bean fajitas for supper.  Then we played outside till 7:15; Nina did a little yard work, Tom putzed with his lawn tractor and Jack played with his motorcycle man in the dirt.  It was wonderful!

Today Tom is at work and I am in Clean Mode.  I have a big list of things to do.  Wish me luck!
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